Tina-Mike Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Tike,Chang-Chang,Team Asian,Chang Squared,Mina
Intimacy Level: Girlfriend and boyfriend
Started Dating: Inbetween Season 1 and 2
Dating Status: Currently together

The Tina-Mike Relationship, also known as Tike, Mina, Chang Squared, or Chang-Chang as well as Asian Fusion (as Artie calls them), is the romantic relationship between Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang. Tina also refers to them as McTina Cohen Chang-Chang in Rumours. They are still currently together and are the only couple on Glee to stay together for an entire season.


Sang Together (In a Group Number)Edit

Related SongsEdit

My Funny Valentine by Babes in Arms. (Silly Love Songs)


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